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Find a way to realize your dreams, and the dreams of those you love and care about.

Imagine being able to design the life you dream about - the life you live purely on your terms, with the right balance of work and play, family and travel, leisure and adventure.

So how do you realize that dream? By making the right moves with your money, your career or your business at the right time, with the help of specialists who have helped hundreds of successful professionals and retirees.

The key is to find Chuck Martino and Associates.

"We strive to provide full, comprehensive financial planning, focusing on our core specialties of estate, business and retirement planning. We also address retirement income needs, education savings needs, insurance and investment planning, and tax efficiency."

Solutions to the obstacles

Chuck is an experienced financial strategist who can help you craft solutions to the big financial issues in your life. His commitment is total and his care is evident in his warmth, his interest in your well-being, and his genuine enthusiasm and energy for his work.

Collaboration + education

Retirement is a good time to review your investments, savings and insurance. There are four big priorities:

  1. reducing your taxes
  2. boosting your savings potential
  3. making your money last a lifetime
  4. transferring wealth to your heirs with less estate tax

By consulting with you and conducting a needs analysis, Chuck can help you gauge what you need to do financially to sustain your lifestyle, your income and your assets, and present model scenarios showing the effects of different financial decisions.

The result: a clear financial direction, with practical solutions and professional supervision of your assets.

Special assistance for business owners

Chuck Martino & Associates also aids businesses. It designs and revises group benefit and pension plans for greater versatility and utility, and it assists owners (and executives) with continuation and pension planning, so they may save more for retirement and realize the right outcome.

"Our service to our business groups includes education, communication and coordination of employee benefits and choices - and we serve businesses with the same level of purpose, dedication and consistency as our other clients."

Enjoy retirement without financial questions lingering around you. Plan to make things financially better for you and your heirs in the future. Plan today with Chuck Martino and Associates.

No one should retire with financial ambiguity about where their income will come from, or how long their savings will last versus inflation and medical costs. Through retirement planning, you can replace many or all of the question marks with answers and see some of the possibilities for the future.

Chuck Martino and Associates can really assist you as you take the major steps from your career or business toward a new goal. They can offer you a practical, step-by-step way to realize the retirement you want, planning with an understanding of who you are and what you want out of life. Contact them today.